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Premium Pistachio Baklava Special Tray 1.5 kg


The combination of Crispy, which is the thin form of baklava dough, and delicious pistachios creates the flavor of Premium Pistachio Baklava on the tray. Baklava Burger, Pistachio Wrap, Pistachio Burma Kadayif, Pistachio-Cream Pastry, Square Pistachio Baklava, Pistachio Dry Baklava are in the content of this tray, which was specially created for pistachio lovers. These mouth-watering delicacies with their appearance on a round tray are kept alive with the difference of Karaköy Güllüoğlu. Some desserts contain cream. This flavor can only be reached by courier delivery for Istanbul in order to maintain its quality. The tray is given to our customers free of charge along with the dessert. Weights or quantities may vary.